E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy

First Exhibition From 15 OCTOBER to 13 NOVEMBER 2016, Cassina de’ Pecchi, Milan E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy The human expression through paper artworks, despite receiving limited recognition nowadays, dates back centuries, including drawings or paintings, engravings or     watercolours. We believe this form of art deserves much better attention, because paper it’s a […]

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Sphinx Festival Thebes |Greece

SPHINX THEBES FESTIVAL|GREECE CONFERENCE CENTER OF THIVA 32200 THEBES, GREECE Phone  0030 6976427129  http://www.sphinx2015.com/ A FERTILE CITY OR THE RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX Curated by Dores & Rose Sacquegna From OCTOBER 4th to NOVEMBER 4th 2015 Opening OCTOBER 4th at 7pm

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Drink Hellebrorus, Antikyra, Greece

PRESS RELEASE DRINK HELLEBORUS,  ALLOTROPIA MUSEUM, Antikyra, Grecia «Allotropia», People’s Academy of preservation of cultural heritage and contemporary art Exhibition Permanent Collection and Art Residency in Greece “What you need is Antikyra”, used to say the Ancient Greeks when someone was behaving in a peculiar way and they urged to Drink Helleborus, the herb that […]

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