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Fosca & Funes

Fosca & Funes

FACE TO FACE invitation23 August – 15 October 2015

FACE TO FACE: Fosca & Astolfo Funes

double show in 3D

Curated by Dores Sacquegna



Double show in 3D for two young artists, Fosca (Italy) and Astolfo Funes (Venezuela)  star hosted in Face-to-face, the virtual exhibition in real-time called  Project Room, an art project signed and produced by Primo Piano LivinGallery.  Both artists are reference by PPLG and their works were present during solo and group exhibitions in the physical location and also, in international projects outdoor.
Fosca (Marcella Fusco) is a pseudonym created by artist in conjunction with the creative cycle of ANGELS, as a time of rebirth. In the etymological sense, Fosca comes from Fuscus-Dark, which represents her primordial character, deep and creative. She worked for many year with traditional materials linked to painting, but from 2000the artist has come to a summary exposition and exploration of technological means, setting up a rich set of materials and experiments. In this show online, we have four different cycles of artworks (from 2000 to 2013) that mix elements of traditional painting with digital transitions: from paper to canvas, from painting to gold leaf, from the scanner to the plotter, from digital processing to three-dimensionality offered by plexiglass and masonite; the result is really amazing, because it reveals her  contemporary creativity.She is fascinated by the contents with universal roots (the 4 elements, the fusion of opposites, the beginning and the end, the mythology and alchemy) and she has a production linked to the archetypes and the color here are revealed in all their essence: Angels, Pelle, Pasiphae and culminating with MAGIC FRAGMENTA, a magnificent installation consisting of 49 fragments-puzzle, an ocher-colored tableau, in which we see a light in the lap of Pasiphae, the light of creation a goddess-woman and the minotaur. Body-cosmic, body-erotic, body-digital. Human existence and divine.
The production by Astolfo Funes, are purely pictorial works (the artist has also created large installations on PVC), with medium and large properties dating back to the most interesting part of his artistic career from 2008 to today. Tableau by strong and hot colors in which white color is the protagonist. The conceptual research by Funes, is linked to femininity but not limited to her:  the attention to gesture, the mood, the occasion, become the leitmotif of his personal interpretation of beauty, pleasure and sin, between reality and artifice.The artist makes us act the cliché of femininity, built on the criteria of glamor and fashion with a personal expressive language, addressing directly the central themes of contemporary culture, the identity, the variety, the body and sexuality, mixing glamor to the history of painting, staging the ritual of human being. The pictorial intervention sometimes spatula, sometimes imprinted with your hands, denoting a sunny personality and sensitive to women’s issues. The drama expressed in some works, becomes a stage for a drama without event, the almost sculptural plasticity of the bodies etched plays and alternates to the empty space that surrounds them,  in a game of full and empty, of body and soul, of apparently static and irrepressible physicality.