In a pink room




curated by Dores Sacquegna

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What is the significance of the colors? What can cause a person to prefer one color instead of another? The color more akin to their tastes or the farthest can reveal different aspects of personality, taste, character. This is motivation that comes by 3D PROJECT ROOM, the interactive platform that pays homage to the color and that, with this fourth round entitled “IN A PINK ROOM” (whose previous editions are on red, blue and black and white color, they are currently offline but is online catalog), the exhibition traces through the works on display, attitudes and temperament of the each artist present.

Many scientific research have shown that our mood, as well as appetite and even blood pressure and certain metabolic functions of the body are affected by the colors. For several years, in fact, it is given a special diet consisting of fruits pigmented with the five main colors. All this for a diet from which we can draw ample benefits to our well-being, both physical and emotional.

The PINK color is a symbol of the ability to give and receive love. The main feature is to relieve your mind of negative thoughts, opening up to the next in a continuous and balanced exchange between giving and receiving.

With “Riflesso/Reflection” the work by italian artist Giovanni Lamorgese puts his eye to the everyday world, the objects that we see every day and that reflect our taste and our character. With “L’attesa/Waiting”, the attention by italian artist Paola Adornato to urban spaces is the search for, focusing portions of views of industrial, sometimes abandoned landscapes that captivate the audience for its contrasts pop.

Closer to the underground pop culture the works by Pierre-Paul Pariseau, one of the artists most courted of Canadian illustration and not only; the Mexican artist Christian Calvillo Pedrosa, with “Revolution”, motivated graffiti artist, the American artist Matthew Giuffrè with its masterpieces of illustration pop and the German artist Kadie Schmidt-Hackenberg with her men-ghost in contrast to architectural elements.

Search identity in ” Emerging model “with the works of the Australian artist Ben Mitchell and with the oracle of” Lista de Madona ” by Venezuelan artist Astolfo Funes. Memories and power of women in the works of Indian artist Shilpa Joglekar and Sofi Basseghi from Australia. “Il paesaggio è nel cielo/The landscape is in the sky” in the beautiful works of the French artist Andria Santarelli, the “flora” view by Swedish Katarina Norling, known in Sweden and not only for its large urban installations, made from recycled and processed paper. With this technique also the installation by the French artist Anne-Gerard Bendelè, present in the exhibition with “Laika the space”, and by italian artist Maria Irene Vairo with “Flussi/flows”.

With “Titans” the face-to-face between animals of land and of the sea in the works by italian artist D & S, which in these works she explore the wonders of the sea for a series of works called “Sea Wunderkamer”. Also, they reveal an array pop, because the subjects are extracted from their natural environment and become pattern in these tableaux. All the works on display, speak to the world about the world itself, of our daily life, our taste and character.

Project Room is the first experiment on real time in 3D of multidisciplinary art and cross teaching on contemporary art, suitable for artists and collectors, teachers, students and practitioners, to stimulate the use of the work of art in the exhibition space, to understand the importance of the display, the quality of the spaces, learning materials, the works on display, all of which are peculiar to the activity of an art gallery.

PPLG| Contemporary Art is a no profit organization, his mission is to promote art projects in physical and virtual spaces with national and international artists and partners over the world.

In exhibition the works by artists: Paola ADORNATO|Italy; Sofi BASSEGHI|Australia; Christian CALVILLO PEDROSA |Mexico; D&S|Italy; Astolfo FUNES |Venezuela; Anne GERARD-BENDELE’ |France; Matthew GIUFFRE’|Mssachuttes; Shilpa JOGLEKAR |India; Giovanni LAMORGESE |Italy; Ben MITCHELL|Australia; Katarina NORLING|Sweden; Pierre-Paul PARISEAU|Canada; Andria SANTARELLI|France; Kadie SCHMIDT-HACKENBERG|Germany; Maria Irene VAIRO|Italy.