ORANGE – IX Edition

ORANGE – IX Edition

ORANGEOnline  from 4th to 30th June   2016

Primo Piano LivinGallery

ORANGE – IX Edition of Project Room on 3D virtual expo

curated  by Dores Sacquegna


From 4 to 30 June 2016  start the IX Edition of the Project Room, with the exhibition of contemporary art “Orange”, which pays homage to the orange color in the spectrum. This virtual experiment, is launched by Primo Piano LivinGallery | Interdisciplinary Projects & Services for Contemporary Art of Lecce, and curated by Dores Sacquegna. The event is characterized by 3D technology that allows the display of the works on offer of the artists on display in a location-gallery, with a cure retail and staging.

Today more than ever, these technologies (existing with platforms of Second Life, Daydream Google, etc), allow the visitor to navigate comfortably at home and have access to contemporary art exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world .

With this method of 3D platform, PPLG makes possible a better use (even internationally) of the works on display, while the followers fully enjoys all the features of the software from the comfort of home. The works on display on the walls are accompanied by captions and price and everybody can buy them in real time. To access the virtual gallery you must install on your computer open source Unity plugin, on the site of PPLG.

With the exhibition “ORANGE”, whose symbolism is linked to fertility, inner harmony, and creativity, it reveals the artistic temperament of each author and at the same time the method and the executive concept.
Protagonists of this edition are ten national and international artists including: Carlos Anzola (Venezuela), Massimo Attardi (Italy), D & S (Italy), Cor Fafiani (The Netherlands), Astolfo Funes (Venezuela), Nj James (China), Giovanni Lamorgese (Italy), Andria Santarelli (France), Alberto Reira (Venezuela), Yu Zhaoyang (China).

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