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Red Luxury

Red Luxury

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Luxury: A Red Collection of Contemporary Art

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

From 2014 December 20th to 2015 January 30th (actually offline)

The event curated by Dores Sacquegna, offers a sensory journey in 3D (third dimension), in a gallery exquisitely minimal designed where they staged the works of painting, photography and sculpture by some Italian and foreign artists such as: Andrea Mattiello, Angelo De Francisco, Angioletta De Nitto, Maria Franca Grisolia, Giovanni Gravante, Luigi Filograno, Mirta De Simoni Lasta, Michele Petrelli, Vito Sardano, Paola Adorno, Giovanni Alfonsetti, Giorgio Carluccio, Marcella Fusco, Gianna Maggiulli, Luisa Raffaelli, next with their international colleagues as Venezuelans artists Astolfo Funes, Katiuska Gonzalez and Alberto Reira, the Montenegrin artist Milena Jovicevic, the German artist Karl Saevar, the Portuguese artist Alexandra De Pinho, the Israelian artist Nathan Brusovani, the Turkish artist Meliha Yilmaz, the Mexican artist Ricardo Villagran, the Danish artist Fie Tanderup, the French artist Andria Santarelli, the Australian artist Sofi Basseghi and finally the American artist Carl Pascuzzi.