White & Black

White & Black

veduta bianco e neroFrom March 21th to May 15th 2015

WHITE & BLACK collection of contemporary art

Curated by Dores Sacquegna



In exhibition the works by artists: Giovanni ALFONSETTI / Italy, Massimo ATTARDI/Italy,  Loredana CAMPA /Italy, D&S/Italy, Angioletta DE NITTO /Italy, Cor FAFIANI /Holland, Gerard FRANCES /France, Nicole GAULIER /France,  Maria Franca GRISOLIA /Rep.Domeinicana, Piers HERNRIOT /France, Patrick MITCH /Usa, Maria Luisa IMPERIALI /Italy, Ni JINGCHEN /China,  JUANCA-Juliette Casanova/France,  Giovanni LAMORGESE/Italy, Luca MERENDI/Italy, Gunilla OLDENBURG / Sweden, Andria SANTARELLI /France

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