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PPLG| Progetti & Servizi per l’Arte Contemporanea Lecce, Italy

YELLOW – Virtual gallery on real-time from July 4th to August 12th 2015

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

exhibition offline. Catalog download here

Investigate the use and the meaning of expressive colors in contemporary art is the main objective of this series of exhibition in real-time called Project Room. They are interactive events in 3D, produced by PPLG and curated by DORES SACQUEGNA. The gallery online is open 24 / 24h on the website by PRIMO PIANO LIVINGALLERY, and you can visit it where you can find on display artworks of painting, photography and media mix of young talents and international artists. This is the fifth edition of the virtual exhibition on YELLOW color, where artists offering a selected range of works inspired by this color scheme. In fact, each color in the spectrum has a symbolic, conceptual, esoteric, spiritual meaning and even it encoding the character of people. Yellow is the color of the sun, the heat and the light, the power of germination of yellow is found in all civilizations. The yellow figure widely in mythological tales and reminds us of the golden fleece and apples of the Hesperides, which lived in a garden on the western borders of the known world and took care of the trees by the golden apples guarded by the serpent Ladon. The yellow esoterically indicates the active and creative origin associated with male in the mandala often appears as a symbol of the father, in both cases indicates a development of autonomy and personality and a serene, positive and balanced view of life. Alchemy and philosopher’s stones in the photographs by D&S, golden land and rivers in the photographs by GERARD FRANCES, portraits of women in gum bichromate on wooden board by MASSIMO ATTARDI, women in kimono and yukata by Japanese artist BUNGO MORITA and again, portraits of women by ASTOLFO FUNES. Pop and underground culture in the pictures by ANDREA MATTIELLO, COR FAFIANI and ANDRIA SANTARELLI, illustrations by HYE SU LEE and FIE TANDERUP. Fantastic cityscapes irradiated of light by RIE SUDO and foul reflex by GIOVANNI LAMORGESE, mix media on canvas by KATARINA NORLING. This new appointment of project room continues its mission of propaganda on the work of artists who collaborate with the gallery, highlighting talents and creating connections between Italy and the world.

ARTISTS :Massimo ATTARDI|Italy; D&S|Italia; Cor FAFIANI |Holland; Gerard FRANCES|France; Astolfo FUNES |Venezuela; Giovanni LAMORGESE|Italy; Hey Su Lee| South Korea; Andrea Mattiello|Italy; Bungo Morita|Japan; Katarina NORLING|Sweden; Andria SANTARELLI|France; Rie Sudo|Japan; Fie Tanderup|Denmark.