About Us

Primo Piano Atelier is one of the websites of the Cultural Association Primo Piano LivinGallery | Projects & Services for Culture and Contemporary Art. Founded in 2014, after the closure of the company activity as an Art Gallery in Lecce, the cultural organization continues its mission in the promotion and enhancement of contemporary works and artists. Among the various organizational and multidisciplinary activities, PPLG organizes seminars, performance events, video art festivals, art exhibitions, art residency and much more also in collaboration with public bodies.

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We have exhibited the works of young talents alongside them with recognized artists Vito Acconci, Living Theater, Hermann Nitsch, Giovanni Albanese, Edoardo Winspeare, Ervin Olaf, Ugo Nespolo, Peter Greenway, Eugenio Recuenco, Matthew Barney, AES + F Group, Grimanesa Amoros, Pam Longobardi, Matteo Basilè, Louise Bourgeois, LeoNilde Carabba among others.

PPLG is open to all those who share the ideals and objectives and to those who want to be part of it, through the MEMBERSHIP CARD. Check out the BENEFIT and join us!

Antonietta Tafuro