Discover Arts-Journal was founded in 2015 by Dores Sacquegna with member / artists of the Primo Piano LivinGallery to devoted an independent space dedicated to visual arts, sound, and national and international performing. Articles or interviews provide an overview on the work of artists, musicians, designers, performers, directors, working with us and not only.

The blog – continuously updated – is divided by sessions such as: IDENTIKIT (Interview), VISIONNAIRE (Critical Review), WUNDERKAMMER (Sound Music Art Project), CINEMA COUTURE (Curiosity), PERFORMANCE and more. Discover Arts-Journal leaves the word to artists, free thinkers, the plurality of routes and experiments. It is an online magazine and is open to dialogue between the visual arts and other disciplines, explored through a fusion of elements in dialogue. Discover Arts-Journal is a project by Primo Piano LivinGallery. Interviews and reviews are edited by Dores Sacquegna.

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