30 Years of Art & Culture in Italy and abroad
The diary of a dreamer

The diary of a dreamer

curated by Dores Sacquegna

From 23 February to 09 March 2024

Renaissance venue of the Palmieri Foundation, Lecce-Italy

The exhibition is based on the personal or collective narratives of women, on the moods, travels, chaos, peace, renewal, power and strength that distinguish them, but also stories of lost love and suffering. An exhibition created to celebrate the 30th edition of ART WOMAN with thoughts, dreams, visions and annotations that accompany the memory of women and their universe like a diary.  Beyond the peculiarities of a life, there are the perennial nodes of the female condition determined by a structure and a culture that huddle around her to communicate that sense of impotence from which the acceptance of the role arises. No woman can be said to be safe as soon as she stops the activity of consciousness.The exhibition can also be read as a treatise on non-ideological thought; as a conflict between authenticity and culture; as a drama of female consciousness in the world; as an attempt to interrupt the dream that a man has about a woman in order to dream of himself; as a description of the world; as writing without giving oneself the identity of a writer; as the possibility of relationships now dissolved, even if traumatized, by the delivery of silence.

SPECIAL GUEST – As with every edition of art woman, Primo Piano invites an international artist or performer to act as patron of the event. This year the choice goes to Kohlene Hendrickson, an American artist based in Switzerland who will premiere in Italy the pictorial cycle of the 12 Faces of Eros and the book from which they were inspired.
Among the other guests of the inauguration evening, Italian performers and musicians.  

Some artists on display: Nancy Barwell (France), Bikkel Artist ( The Netherlands), Pnina Granirer (Canada), Dena Haden (US),  Kohlene Hendrickson ( US), Sara McKenzie (US), Verena Schwarz ( US), Elizabeth Sher ( US),  Clotilde Verries (France)  …

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