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The forms of time

The forms of time

From 8 October to 3 December 2023
MUST – Contemporary Art Museum


The contemporary art exhibition “The Forms of Time” by the Apulian artist Teresa Vella opens on Sunday 8 October at 7pm in the conference room of the MUST Historical Museum of the City of Lecce. Speakers together with Dr. Claudia Branca (Director of Must), and Arch. Fabiana Cicirillo (Culture Councilor of the Municipality of Lecce), Dr. Federicapaola Capecchi (Curator of Photography, founder and director of the Opoficio della Fotografia at the Casa Museo Tadini) and Dr. Dores Sacquegna (Curator and Art director of Primo Piano LivinGallery).

The exhibition
“The forms of time” is an excursus among the works of Teresa Vella, which brings on display a diversified cycle of works including photography, installation and glass sculpture, playing between two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality. A sensorial journey into the material and its metamorphosis with glass sculptures, the result of great mastery and collaboration with the well-known master glassmaker Mario Dei Rossi; the photographic cycle between black and white and nuance that explores the concepts of time and two installations with materials taken from historic homes, which play on memory but also on the fragility of things. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in atmospheres full of questions and meanings.

A Dialogue between Materials and Time
Federicapaola Capecchi, writes: “Between glass, stone, metal, downspouts and roots, Teresa Vella places us in front of a sequence of photographs that show nets and ropes in places by the sea, blurry paths, broken window frames, a music mixer electronics, stairs dazzled by light, fragments and abstract shapes, self-portraits through Murano glass sculptures… the artist is a multifaceted figure, eager to cross the boundaries of artistic disciplines and merge different expressive forms into a single experience , inviting us to reflect on the relationship between time, memory and fragility.”

Dores Sacquegna writes: “Teresa Vella’s research fits fully into the way of telling time through time itself, that is, using it as a tool and material for storytelling. Her modus operandi can be summed up in the metaphor of the research on “lost time”, that time that creeps through the meshes of memory with an irregular pattern but, through his vision, becomes a time of listening, a time that lives and pulsates between oscillations and memories.

In November, the catalog with the complete texts of the authors will be presented to the public.
Teresa Vella “The forms of time” (8 October – 3 December 2023)
MUST – Contemporary Art Museum, via Degli Ammirati,11, 73100 Lecce
Open every day: 9.00 – 21.00 (closed on Mondays)
Info: 0832.241067

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