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INVENTORY è un’edizione limitata che raccoglie opere inedite di artisti contemporanei internazionali.

Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies

(Italiano) Si inaugura Sabato 7 Marzo 2020 alle ore 17:30, la mostra d’arte contemporanea di Art Woman dal titolo “ GEO-GRAPHIES: Rituali identitari e fragili ecosistemi” a cura di Dores Sacquegna e organizzata da Primo Piano LivinGallery, presso la chiesa Rinascimentale di San Sebastiano, sede della Fondazione Palmieri a Lecce.


CORRESPONDANCES curated by Rose & Dores Sacquegna From 10 to 27 NOVEMBER 2018 Opening day Saturday 10 November at 18h Ex Conservatory of St. Anna, Via Libertini, Lecce

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  PPLG offers multiple solutions  of “Membership & Partnership”, each dedicated to the various protagonists of contemporary art, with services, facilities and benefits designed and specifically tailored to each individual category. BENEFIT ARTISTS HERE VISITING ARTISTS HERE PARTNERSHIP HERE        


Lecce is a baroque stage . It is known for its talented architects and craftsmen, born under the great Roman tradition . It is a city built for people and rich in history. Conquered by the Turks, the Ottomans, the Spanish, it boasts the treasure of both fascinating and cosmopolitan architecture. Located between the Ionian […]

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The creativity to express a positive value that is expressed in the various areas of improvement through research that goes by, the development of creative abilities, and whose aims can be as diverse as improving the quality of life, professional skills, study, the ideational capacity; especially to enhance and give space to artists in general […]

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PPLG is a hub of contemporary art and is notable for the variety of interventions. It ‘s a source of ideas that inspires creativity. Thanks to the professionalism of its directors, manages to surprise and carry out a number of events. From performance to video installations, from seminars to workshops, the circles of ligh- video […]