PP Interdisciplinary projects & facilities

The creativity to express a positive value that is expressed in the various areas of improvement through research that goes by, the development of creative abilities, and whose aims can be as diverse as improving the quality of life, professional skills, study, the ideational capacity; especially to enhance and give space to artists in general and in particular to young people who wish to approach art in all forms in which it manifests itself;

Enhance and promote the free-thinking, creative expression and the production of culture as crucial for the emancipation of man and his work, promoting dialogue between cultures, even in international perspective by encouraging travel and artistic and cultural exchanges between the reality in the city, region and nation but also in the European Economic Community, as amended and in non-EU countries with the aim to facilitate the process of social and artistic growth of its members.

Promote cultural initiatives related to the publishing world, to promote the relationship between art and culture (even through a portal / website) or related fields included in its corporate purpose always to achieve its institutional goals;