Baroque Blue 2023

Baroque Blue 2023

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency

Visual Arts & Performing Arts

Santa Caterina, Lecce, Italy

From 14 to 26 July 2023

curated by Dores Sacquegna

Baroque Blue Ionian SeArt Residency is an art project signed by Primo Piano LivinGallery that sees protagonists in this second edition, visual artists, musicians and performers and their curator Dores Sacquegna, in one of the most beautiful places in the Ionian Salento: Santa Caterina di Nardò, in the province of Lecce. In this scenario, the residents-adventurers will experience the art of coexistence, conviviality, group and personal work, living in close and deep contact with the luxuriant nature of the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park Reserve; they will immerse themselves in the fresh and regenerating waters of the Ionian Sea, they will visit the places of the Genius Loci, but also the prehistoric settlements that testify to the presence of the Uluzzian Man, the oldest Homo Sapiens in Europe.

A sensory journey into the past and a return to the future, with the creation of temporary works of Land Art, multimedia productions, installations, and performances. The common denominator of the site-specific works produced is the theme on Nature, as the nerve center and propeller of everything, as a powerful guide of one’s own growth path.

Their contribution will be that of the divine Child or sacred Guardian, with the ability to imagine, explore, research, create, with direct connections to the “Five Elements and the states of being“, to remember the impermanence of existence, the ephemeral, the importance of non-attachment to things, precious truths for our earthly path of evolution.

An art project of TOTAL ART that combines contemporary art in its infinite mediums and disciplines and the cultural and natural Heritage of the place that hosts them. Their history in the land of Puglia will begin on 14 July, which will end on 26 July with a calendar of events  until late at night and which sees the exhibition of the works created by artists.

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see pictures and videos about first edition, here