Venus’s Mirror

Venus’s Mirror

Primo Piano LivinGallery

has the pleasure of presenting the contemporary art exhibition


(The reflection of us and the world between truth and fiction)

curated by Dores Sacquegna

from 25 February to 8 March 2023

Each of us is led to create their own reality. The world we live in is like a mirror in which our light and shadow are reflected. The mystery of life communicates to us, through the encounter with others, who and how we are. As we reflect in others, we allow our spirit to manifest in us. Every day we have a daily relationship with the mirror, an intimate relationship, sometimes obsessive, other times detached. But this exhibition is not a history of mirrors in art. Rather, it could be the story that the mirror would tell if only it knew how to speak: the images of what it sees reflected on its surface, the vanity, the malice, the ecstasy of the fragile Narcissus, the confident gaze of the artist who withdraws himself. , or the dilated rooms of his/her memory and the multiple real or fantastic places in a play of light and shadow.

In ancient history, the first to look at herself was Venus. The game of reflections, known as the “Venus Effect“, is one of the many illusionistic phenomena widely used in photography. This is how in the works of the artists, portions of human figures materialize on the surface of the mirror, as absences captured by an ephemeral reflection and fixed there permanently. A multiplication that can become infinite if the mirror is fragmented … … or if we find ourselves in a labyrinth of mirrors or in a theater, where light and shadow play an important role in the perception of space, in the reflection of us and of the world.

Lights, shadows, reflections, portraits and physiognomies, spirituality and magic are some of the visionary ingredients of this event that invites artists to understand self-recognition, through the game of personal identity and the world around them.

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