Iside and the Wunderkammer of fertility

Iside and the Wunderkammer of fertility

palazzo vernazza1From 2th to 9th March 2016
Interdisciplinary  art project of visual art, sound and contemporary performing
PALAZZO VERNAZZA – Vico Vernazza, 8, Lecce, Italy
Days & Hours:
From Thursday to Wednesday 17:30-20:30h pm
Tel: + 39 349 37 20 659
Opening Tuesday 2th March at 18:00h pm

Palazzo Vernazza, mansion of ‘500 Century in Lecce, provides the inspiration for a diversified interdisciplinary art project between myth and modernity and that pays homage to the history of Lecce and its surrounding territory. After a long restoration of the location, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of the Temple of Iside and the Purgatorium, an pagan baptistery dedicated to the worship ablutions and purifications of followers before entering the temple. “Iside and the Wunderkammer of fertility,” is a unique event of its kind and offers the city of Lecce new learning mode of contemporary artistic practices and experiences through an inseparable dialogue between visual art, sound and performance art, curated by Dores Sacquegna , curator and art director of Primo Piano LivinGallery in Lecce. The event created for “Rosa Route 2016” (actually 18th edition) is under auspices by the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Lecce, and the exhibition proposes a dialogue between institutional space and visitors, between artists and curator, in the intention of creating valid connections and a cultural tourism network.

About Egyptian Goddess Iside – revered around the Mediterranean basin as a goddess of fertility, abundance, nature and protector of sailors – is grafted this visionary project that scours riddles and philosophical concepts of Greek, Latin and Egyptian thoughts, to give to the visitors a sensory journey into a ritual and labyrinthine site, in a timeless place where still reigns the myth of Iside, and where sounds and voices echoing from room to room, and where colors and ancestral lights reported in the womb in search of itself themselves. Treasuring this ancient history and under the direction of the curator, the artists invited to the event interface with the myth of Iside, becoming themselves the guardians and warriors of a fascinating tableaux. Palazzo Vernazza becomes, a kind of SPA, a wellness center for the mind and the body, where  each leads and feeds of sensory and perceptual stimuli.

The initial path start with the ” Apodyterium ” focused on the visual, ritual and mystery concept  of the Goddess as a symbol of fertility, nature, abundance, agriculture with the works-gifts of the artists of the” Atlas of Fertility “. Followed by singing and dancing as a rite of purification with the visitors with Gospel  Choir A.M.Family directed by Elisabetta Guido, jazz author singer, who  she will present as national preview a song from her latest CD “The good storyteller” coming out soon for Dodicilune Records. From “Podyterium” to ” Anti-Tepidarium “, through a bright and effervescent path where you get rid of everything that might recall the daily reality to meet the riddles hidden in the memory and who they identify as fragments in the works of artists in the show.

Secret passages and tunnels, human carpets that shape the space, light installations that inhabit the air, video-story about the concepts of society, sexuality, politics, maternity, equality and non-violence, lead the visitor to the “Tepidarium” that evokes the concept of water as a rebirth and transformation, as a journey and oblivion until you get to ‘”Hammam”, the place where Massimiliano Manieri and Michaela Stifani waiting motionless in a box container that contains them in the “Human Box” performance with sound participation by musician Giorgio Distante from Lecce.

The route continues with symbolic objects, and tables laden and films for a total immersion totally in ritual and visionary ablutions with works of artists on display before returning each their steps in the “Motus Floris” by Richard Ashrowan and attend to sonic performance by SalentAutori that includes musicians artists “Alea” , “Blümia”, “The Bravo“, “The light time“.

VISUAL ART & CINEMA: Giovanni Alfonsetti|Italy; Laetitia Ambroselli|France; Caterina Arcuri|Italy; Richard Ashrowan|Scotland; Lara Bobbio|Italy; Loredana Campa|Italy; D&S|Italy; Pina Della Rossa|Italy; Giulio De Mitri|Italy; Angioletta De Nitto|Italy; Cor Fafiani|The Netherlands; Fosca|Italy; Chiara Fersini|Italy; Silvia Maria Guarnieri|Italy; Marcello Gobbi|Italy; Irma Hinghofer-Szalkay|Austria; Milena Jovicevic|Montenegro; Nikos Kornilios|Greece; Giovanni Lamorgese & Davide Curci|Italy; Margherita Levo Rosenberg|Italy; Concetta Masciullo|France; Katarina Norling|Sweden; Eva Orszagh|Poland; Adriano Radeglia|Italy; Lucia Rotundo|Italy; Lorella Salvagni|Italy; Andria Santarelli|France; Rosemarie Sansonetti|Italy; Vito Sardano|Italy; Delia Sforza|Italy; Tarshito|Italy; Antonella Zito|Italy.
PERFORMANCE & MUSICA: Massimiliano Manieri & Michaela Stifani|Italy; Giorgio Distante|Italy; SalentAutori|Italy; Elisabetta Guido & Gospel  Choir|Italy;
Catalog on paper by Primo Piano Edition here

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