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Italian ArtFair Dubai

Italian ArtFair Dubai


5-12 DECEMBER  2015

ITALIAN ART FAIR DUBAI is a Contemporary Art Fair in Dubai, UAE. The project curated by Gina Affinito is under auspices by Italian local institutions, the Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the Consulate in Dubai,  by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. Among those present at the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency Liborio Stellino. The Fair is held at the Gallery of Light within the DUCTAC Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre, Mall of Emirates, the most exclusive and culture center of Dubai, home to the Old Library. Among the galleries present, include the Primo Piano LivinGallery of Lecce, with a stand of about 50 square meters, offering a selection of contemporary art works on  Italian and international level.

2ND Level Orange Car Park
Mall of the Emirates – Al Barsha
Dubai (UAE) P.O. Box: 117748
Tel +971 43414777/ + 39 3493720659
Hours: From Saturday to Thursday 9 am/10 pm
Friday 2pm/10pm – Opening 5th December at 7pm

Photogallery here

The multidisciplinary and multicultural aspect that characterizes the work of scouting by Dores Sacquegna, advisor & curator of Primo Piano LivinGallery is evident in the choice of artists proposed for this first fair in the Middle East. The common thread that characterizes research is the issue of artists and cultural identity, the enigma and the absence, the attention to the landscape, the light and the perspective, which is expressed in works of painting, photography, digital art, and installation exhibit. From the characteristics of strokes by Astolfo Funes (Venezuela), one of the most important artists of the young  Latin American Art with his unique perspective on the female, to the Turkish world with its dilemmas and contradictions of socio-cultural and religious aspects by Asli Kutluay (Turkey ). Between East and West, the alphanumeric codes in the paintings by  Gunilla Oldenburg (Sweden), between magic and social realism the works by Kristina Garon (US), up to the metaphysical landscapes by Maurizio Muscettola (Italy), colored with irony and enigmatic puzzle. The world of absences is called to a new life in the paintings by Mattia Casagrande (Italy), where everyday objects stand out like shadows on the wall, while in the works of Rien Vorgers (The Netherlands), one of the most interesting artists of the second half of ‘900, he is distinguished by his contemporaries for the mosaic effect of his painting and the three-dimensionality that can give between cuts and transparencies, between surfaces and pigments, between figuration and abstraction. The attention to the landscape seen with cuts in perspective and texture design and photography is the modus operandi by Nel Ten Wolde (Australia), who works with installations, painting, textile design and collage. Cuts in perspective also in the interesting photographs by Mario Rossi (Italy), pictures taken at Maxxi in Rome but also in other public places, which is the daily life of workers, employees and travelers in the places of the world. Concluding the installation of the mosaic of mirrors and fiberglass by young artist Lara Androvandi (Italy).

ARTISTS: Astolfo Funes (Venezuela), Asli Kutluay (Turchia), Gunilla Oldenburg (Svezia), Kristina Garon (Usa), Mattia Casagrande (Italia), Maurizio Muscettola (Italia), Rien Vorgers (The Netherlands), Nel Ten Wolde (Australia), Mario Rossi (Italia), Lara Androvandi (Italia).




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