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Venus’s Mirror

Venus’s Mirror

has the pleasure of presenting the contemporary art exhibition


curated by Dores Sacquegna

from 25 February to 8 March 2023

Renaissance venue of the


The paintings are made by those who look at them (Marcel Duchamp)

The otherness in art is given by the comparison between the body of the work and that of the observer. This exchange of glances indicates that at the two ends of the visual optical framework there are two seeing bodies: the body of the observer and that of the work. The work closes its vital circuit when in front of it there is a gaze that questions it and in the reflection between one and the other, we find the body-to-body between the artist and the observer.

In order not to succumb to the gaze, the work of art makes itself invisible. It manifests its invisibility (that is, that part which is within the visibility and is called interiority). The visible is looking outside the body, wandering in space, in three dimensions, looking far away, imagining other things and externalizing the vision. On the other hand, the invisible is internalizing the vision, it is descending into the depths of one’s flesh, into thought, into the soul, into that dimension that makes us see the visible through the invisible.

The work’s recourse to the state of invisibility in order not to die in front of a gaze brings to mind the myth of Perseus and the Medusa. In order not to be killed and to kill the gorgon, Perseus had never to cross Medusa’s gaze, otherwise he would remain petrified. He uses the reflection of the shield to avoid meeting Medusa’s deadly gaze, and also, he wears the helmet given to him by the god Hades – hence the invisibility stratagem – to be able to strike without being seen.

The exhibition invites us to reflect on the dualism between otherness, visibility and invisibility, through an imaginary Venus’s Mirror but not only: also, on the medusa effect that occurs whenever one of the two bodies cannot stand the gaze of the other and succumbs.

In this context,  a calendar of events will enliven the exhibition days with talk shows, live performances and the review of Video Art & Digital Culture entitled WITH YOUR EYES to getting to know some of the most representative artists on the international contemporary scene, including young talents and established names. A dive into short movies, experimental video art, digital cultures linked to video installations, video performances and much more, which will accompany visitors to the exhibition to get to know and appreciate these art forms and their authors. A face-to-face between ancient and present in which the human being still seems suspended.

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