The management and development of Cultural Heritage today can not do without precise marketing strategies and communication, essential to the promotion of an artistic event, as for the management of a museum or for the promotion of a cultural association in the market” cultural . Today every museum is called to deal with its own budget and resources available, so the enhancement of its collections and its events, through marketing strategies and communications that are critical to the sustenance of the same cultural organization. A success of a cultural event depends to 50% from its prior ability to be communicated. PPLG has specialized knowledge in communication and museum marketing, the promotion of cultural heritage, including the use of new technologies, in promoting a campaign of promotion and marketing for cultural events.

Some examples

Arte Contemporanea nei giorni del fuoco a Novoli nel Salento

Collezionismo pubblico e privato all’Arte Fiera a Bologna

Villa Panza e il sogno americano di Wim Wenders

Nutrire ad Arte Expò a Milano 2015