Educational program

Educational programs is curated by teacher Dores Sacquegna, printmaker and curator and  is aimed at all (artists, children, schools, curators, professionals), regardless of age, is as follows:

Techniques of Engraving and Printing Art

Particularly suitable conventional techniques for those who wish to know or learn the techniques known in school or in books. In addition, artists who know the basic techniques of intaglio, the workshop recommended that experimental techniques with workshops or seminars, which are closest to the art world.

Printing evergreen

For younger students or for Art Schools and Colleges (with Pon projects or POF), special workshops are open to learning graphical techniques (prints made with non-toxic colors).


TheAtelier service for workshops and seminars of theoretical learning and visual related to collecting art prints with particular reference to technical expertise. The learning is to learn about the world of printing, auction houses, galleries and dealers; quotations, sales, catalogs, speculation, false, the rarity, the prints market. Particular emphasis is given to methods to distinguish an original print from a photo-mechanical printing.

To care  and organize an exhibition of contemporary art

The orientation seminar in the visual arts is designed for students and aspiring curators of art exhibits. The student will learn how to choose the artists achieve thematic exhibitions, historical exhibitions, group exhibitions or personal. Choose and work in a venue (space occasional official, private, public, virtual), technical operations (transport, insurance, construction, dismantling). The loans of the works, funding exhibitions, sponsorship, budget, communications and public relations, catalog, etc.

All courses are currently suspended . We will update as possible

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