Primo Piano LivinGallery is a quality cultural organization, which operates nationally and internationally with exhibitions, contemporary art fairs, seminars, performances and more. For this we have created the Annual Membership Card (From January to December), with the possibility of taking advantage of numerous services and events according to your needs. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to publish works in the best Art Market Stores & Auction Houses, for your collection.

About our services

  • The STORE services include data entry of works and artists and monitoring of sales. PPLG takes no commission, but in some cases the store owners take a small percentage of the sales.
  • Methods and submission of the works: Prepare a portfolio with images, captions, artist photo, short CV, price. The works inserted in the stores must be immediately available, so they must not be offered for sale in other channels / physical places.
  • The works can remain at home / studio until they are sold. Shipments are to be paid by the buyer. The packaging is the responsibility of the artist who will also have to insure the goods. The works in the stores must be different.

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