30 Years of Art & Culture in Italy and abroad


Primo Piano LivinGallery is a reality known NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL. This page is dedicated to collaborations with CULTURAL AND MUSEUM INSTITUTIONS with whom we have collaborated for our events.


  • Festival of the Two Worlds, Spoleto (Italy);
  • Municipality of Lecce (Italy);
  • Municipality of Rome (Italy);
  • Palace of the Cannes Film Festival (France);
  • Harrow Art Center, London (UK);
  • S. Agostino Cultural Center of Rome (Italy);
  • Convent of San Francesco in Canino (Viterbo, Italy);
  • Pulmone Pulsante Museum by M ° Saverio Ungheri, Rome (Italy);
  • Carlo V Castle of Lecce (Italy)
  • 25 Spoltore Ensemble Festival of Spoltore (Pescara, Italy);
  • Patronal Palace – now Macma Museum – Matino (Lecce, Italy);
  • Cuprarte Festival in Cupramontana (Ancona, Italy);
  • Studio Bruno Bozzetto (Italy);
  • Turkish Embassy in Rome (Italy);
  • Department of the Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism of the Puglia Region (Italy);
  • Morra Foundation, Naples (Italy);
  • Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lecce (Italy);
  • Superintendence for Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage of Calabria (Italy);
  • Museum of the Bretti and Enotri of Cosenza (Italy);
  • Venice Biennale (Italy);
  • Pino Pascali Foundation, Polignano a Mare, Bari (Italy;
  • Studio Living Theater (Italy);
  • Carlo V Castle of Lecce (Italy);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome (Italy);
  • Vernazza-Castromediano Palace, Lecce (Italy);
  • Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Brindisi (Italy);
  • Municipality of Brindisi, Brindisi (Italy);
  • Conservatory of Sant’Anna, Lecce (Italy);
  • 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage MIBACT – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Rome (Italy);
  • Palmieri Foundation, Lecce (Italy);


  • Hatem Hafi of the Dar Alf-fonon Center in Nablus (Palestine);
  • Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Turkey);
  • Department of Culture, Education and Art (Turkey);
  • Union of Faculties of Fine Arts (Turkey);
  • Turkey Organization Committee, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Foundation and Ray Of Light Foundation, Harlem Art Project, New York (USA);
  • Olympic Fine Arts, Tiao Miao Temple Forbidden City, China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (China);
  • CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture, Barcelona (Spain);
  • Studio Living Theatre (USA);
  • EPOSE and Paleopolis Museum, Samothrace Island (Greece);
  • T Gergeri, Rouvas and Heraklion’s Municipality, Island of Crete (Greece);
  • 2009 International Year of Astronomy, Crete (Greece);
  • Ministry of Culture (Greece);
  • Alexandropoulis Museum of Natural History and Art Gallery (Greece);
  • Samothrace Pinacoteque (Greece);
  • Allotropy Museum Cultural Heritage, Antikyra (Greece);
  • Thebes Sphinx Festival, Thebes (Greece);
  • Italian Art Fair, Mall of Emirates, Dubai (UAE);
  • CaCt Center of Art, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote (Spain);
  • Atlantic Museum, Island of Lanzarote (Spain);
  • Studio Christo and Jeanne-Claude, New York (USA);
  • Louise Bourgeois Studio, New York (US);
  • Ionion Art Center for Arts and Cultures (Kefalonia, Greece)

and many more…

The PARTNERS also include sponsoring companies, to which we will dedicate a page later.

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