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Art Residency

Primo Piano Atelier is a platform for artistic and multidisciplinary research and production that operates mainly on the relationship between art, territory and the public sphere, with reference to the material and immaterial public space, the territory and its geo-cultural processes.


Primo Piano offers artists, architects, scholars, musicians and performers the possibility of an Art Residency and a Curatorial Fellowship in Italy or abroad.


The art residency, an ideal and often idyllic place, becomes a fundamental stage for artists, who want to seek new inspiration for their art, live a unique experience that allows them to get in touch with nature, or in an urban space. and above all to work with other artists. A locus amoenus, an opportunity for cultural exchange and a deep involvement that leads to concrete enrichment not only from an artistic point of view but also from a personal point of view. The residence is a dimension in itself, an important opportunity for dialogue, comparison and artistic growth.


The residences by Primo Piano Atelier constitute an alternative educational program for independent artists to work in a community of peers who share a unique and rich in history environment: Puglia. The novelty is to combine relaxation with a TOTAL ART experience and immersion in multidisciplinary projects such as: guided tours, art exhibitions, workshops, seminars, performances etc. The program aims to activate a fruitful interaction between the themes and instances of research and artistic design, the study of the historical, political, cultural and environmental connotations of the different territories, and the different types of “public” to which the projects they turn, thanks to the collaboration with other artistic organizations both in Italy and abroad. Each program has a maximum duration of 2 weeks to choose from in the spring, summer or winter months.


Welcoming artists from different generations and disciplinary and cultural backgrounds can generate new ideas for reflection on the transformative potential of the place; it can create new connections between the local and the national and global dimensions, between forms of urbanity and those of rurality, between territorial dynamics and the unprecedented gaze of visitors.


The choice of locations (urban or rural) is strongly characterized by old and new stereotypes, in order to redefine the forms of representation and narration of places mostly conceived as a collective identity statement, to create relational, cultural and cognitive knowledge paths, alternative to existing ones. The type of accommodation and costs depend on the current program.


Primo Piano , in collaboration with local managers, offers villas with kitchen use and complete with everything, including food. Artists can manage the application of scholarships or financial support through grants offered by their country of origin. Primo Piano Atelier will provide the assistance necessary for the success of the project. See FAQ  here


All the residencies organized by PPLG include the art director who is often our curator Dores Sacquegna. Among the various visiting artists you can see who we have worked with here


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