Artist Residency

Primo Piano Atelier is a platform for research and artistic and multidisciplinary production operating mainly in Puglia, on the relationship between art, territory and public sphere, in reference to public tangible and intangible space, to the territory and its geo-cultural processes.


The residences of the Primo Piano Atelier are an alternative education program for independent artists to work in a community of peers who share a unique and rich history: the Puglia. The novelty of living is in combining the production of contemporary art site specific with relaxation through interdisciplinary events conjugates: art exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc. The residency program is not held in one location but in different places, specially chosen so as to enable productive interaction between the issues and demands of research and artistic design, the study of historical, political, cultural and environmental connotations of the different territories, and the different types of “public” to which the projects are aimed, in collaboration with other arts organizations and multidisciplinary active in southern Italy and abroad. The choice of location (urban or rural) is strongly characterized by old and new stereotypes, in order to redefine the forms of representation and narrative places mostly thought of as a collective statement of identity, to create paths of knowledge relational, cultural and cognitive, alternative to existing ones.


Welcome in Puglia artists of different generations and backgrounds disciplinary and cultural, can generate new insights on the transformative potential of the place; It can create new connections between the local and the national and global level, between those forms of urbanity and rurality, including territorial dynamics and the fresh eye of visitors.


As residency programs and multidisciplinary artistic organized, the same way the paths and the guest’s stay in residence are site-specific, that is, conceived and organized on the basis of the interests of those who participate in relation to the activities underway or in preparation, on the basis of the territorial characteristics of the sites under consideration and the time of year. The number of days, type of accommodation and the costs depend on the length of stay (minimum 15days) and the characteristics of the program or stay. Primo Piano Atelier, in collaboration with local providers, offers rooms or apartments with full kitchen, leased location in beautiful urban or rural places. Artists can manage the application of scholarships or financial support through Grant offered by their country of origin. Primo Piano Atelier will provide the necessary assistance to the project’s success.


During the residences an event calendar is available for artists who want to visit the city or surrounding area of great cultural interest. There are screenings, performances, presentations and meetings with various guests.


During the residences are invited “Visiting artists”, curators and gallery owners.


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