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The sacred stones of Salento

The sacred stones of Salento

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency

Visual Arts & Performing Arts

The sacred stones of Salento and the journey of the Hero

curated by Dores Sacquegna

From 26 June to 06 July 2023

The art project focuses on the theme The sacred stones of Salento, and represents an archetypal journey into the Cultural Heritage of Salento between the Adriatic and Ionian sides, and in which the artists will grasp aspects and memories of the past through megalithic, mythical and apocalyptic itineraries, and return to the present with the creation of contemporary artworks as well as studies and research on the concepts of rock-stone-cave, highlighting the changing, mystical, cathartic and luminous aspects of the natural and man-made landscape. The basic archetype is the cosmic cave, retracing the mythical journey of the Hero through the interpretation of the twelve Jungian archetypes.

In this session foreign and Apulian researchers, landscape architects, artists, musicians, and performers will explore site-specific and site-inspired work on the relationship between man-nature-environment, with temporary Land Art works, multimedia installations, printmaking, videos and much more.

For the international session, the Greek artist, writer and researcher Polyxene Kasda and ten American personalities will attend, the duos composed by the artist Sandra Duran Wilson and the  Landscape Architect Mark Licht, by Linda Storm and Gary Storm, respectively artist and musician, the writer and researcher Prof. Bruno Clarke with the photographer Donna Clarke, the artist Susan  Schlepp and researcher and engineer Douglas Schlepp and the artists Dawn Daisley and Elise Carlson. For the Apulian session, Frank Ak, Ka Corona, Gianni Chiriatti, Giovanni Felle, Gianluca Russo will join. All together they will be encouraged to carry out an art happening to create their own “SEM/archetype”, the object of desire that will allow them, in respectful dialogue with the environment, to return home and the discovery of their own Self.



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