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Baroque Blue 2024

Baroque Blue 2024


BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency

Nature and Shamanic Cosmology

Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce)

from 20 to 30 July 2024

Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to present the 3rd edition of BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency, in the landscape setting of the Regional Reserve of Porto Selvaggio Park and in the village of Santa Caterina di Nardò, curated by Dores Sacquegna. The event, under Auspices of Nardò’s Municipality, begins on July 20 and ends with the Finissage on July 30 from 7:30pm in the presence of the Councillor for Culture, Giulia Puglia.

The art residency

When the earth speaks, the shamans listen; when the planet cries, the shamans respond. (Tom Cowan)

BAROQUE BLUE was born from the union of two words: Baroque as a tribute to the city of Nardò and Blue to its sea. The artistic, ritual and spiritual testimonies of Salento constitute the subject of investigation of each project and in this edition titled Nature and Shamanic Cosmology, international artists-in-residency and Apulian artists in dialogue with the “spirit of the dancing shaman,” will produce their multimedia and site-specific works following the thread of vision, with its three worlds connected by the Axis Mundi: Lower World with power animals, Middle World with nature spirits and Upper World or cosmic space. The goal of the residency is the search for one’s archetype or Unique Self.

Art Program and Finissage Day

From July 21 to 24, the artists will be featured in activities such as guided tours to learn about myth sites, holistic sessions in nature and workshops.  It starts on July 21 with a harmonizing circle titled “Three Worlds of Vision” curated by Paola Crisostomo at the Torre dell’Alto in Santa Caterina. July 22 marks the day of the sacred feminine of Mary Magdalene with “Dancing Sound Bath and Cosmic Cave” at the Porto Selvaggio Regional Reserve and curated by shaman Maria Maddalena Armenise. July 23 is the day dedicated to the discovery of Salento with places of inspiration for artists.  In the afternoon of July 24 and after the panel discussion, m° Alberto Nick Bolettieri perform on the Santa Caterina waterfront “Tr-a-mare un tramonto/Tracing a sunset”, a sound conversation with natural elements.The evening ends with dinner featuring Salento products made during the Cooking Class Experience workshop.

All works produced during the residency will be on view on Finissage day July 30 from 7:30pm until midnight. After the presentation by Dores Sacquegna, there follows the presentation of the book “The Map of Salvation: grail, medicine for the new humanity beyond duality” by writer Maria Maddalena Armenise, who will perform the ceremony of restitution and Thanksgiving to Mother Earth with “The Spirit of Place” to the rhythm of drumming by Francesco Perrone. The evening continues with the performance “Three worlds of the same spirit” by Gianni Chiriatti, but also, with “Sub-Ground, around Cosmic Space” by multi-instrumentalist m° Alberto Nick Bolettieri, and concludes with Pizzica Mistica group with musicians Luca Zotti and Angelo Litti (drum and vocals), Ilaria Castrì (vocals), Nico Imboldi (accordion), Franco Cazzato (guitar), Katia Romano (dancer). Drink welcome provided by Azienda Agricola Contino https://www.continowines.it/

Artists in residency: Dena Haden, Kyle Anthony Rotelli, Justine Giordano, Jeff Smith (United States); Allie Joy Litherland (United Kindom); Jimena Murabito (Argentina); Michal Shelly (Israel); Terrel Weir (Australia).

Artists in dialogue: Massimo Ruiu, Gianfranco Basso, Fernando Spano, Giovanni Felle, Monica Lisi, Sian Price, Gianni Chiriatti, Carla Corona, Claudio Longo, Oscar Giovanni Urso, Nadia Cera and musicians Alberto Nick Bolettieri, Francesco Perrone, Pizzica Mistica group.

Primo Piano’s mission is to create multidisciplinary projects, promoting a dialogue between international and Apulian artists, between ancient and present world, between nature and contemporary art in the service of artists and cultural workers.

FINISSAGE DAY INFO:  July 30 from 7:30pm to midnight

Strada Santa Caterina, 120 Nardò (Lecce) or Google Maps: SP129,120 Nardò-LE

primopianogallery@gmail.com  | +39 349 37 20 659 | Free entry


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