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Baroque Blue 2025

Baroque Blue 2025

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency 2025

Contemporary Arts in the Nature curated by Dores Sacquegna

Santa Caterina di Nardò and Porto Selvaggio Regional Reserve Park (Lecce, Italy)



Salento is an arcane land, inhabited since the dawn of time, and everywhere holds traces of archaic propitiatory and fertility rites that have always animated its ancient inhabitants. The project of the 5th edition of Baroque Blue Ionian SeArt Residency is divided into three major macro-themes of eco-symbology focusing on the relationship between humanity and the environment with poetic and mythological implications of the different ecosystems, in close correlation with symbols kept in the popular iconography of Apulia and in particular of the Salento peninsula.

Nature and the Human Being: Symbology of the plant world (from 5 to 17 July – deadline March 31)
In this first art residency we will explore the symbolic bond that runs between us humans and the environment in which we live. A complex, sometimes even contradictory relationship, full of meanings and emotional involvements, most often unconscious. Meeting dedicated to the symbolic world of trees and flowers, with an in-depth look at healing plants and their mythological entanglement.

Some topics covered: Nature as goddess and mother; Mythological and scientific aspects of environmental threats; The tree as Axis Mundi and its symbolism in mythology and oracles; the flower in mythology;  Symbology, archetypes and alchemy of healing plants.

Anthropology and Human Being: Symbology of the animal world ( from 26 July to 07 August – deadline April 30)
In this second residency we will explore the symbolic link that runs between us humans and the animal world, in its various concrete, mythological aspects, in folklore and magic. We will delve into the symbolic aspect of some specific animals, which due to their nature and the history of their relationship with humans have assumed considerable importance in the symbolic landscape of our culture.

Some of the topics covered: The animal world as the Great Other; The animal as a mirror of human being; Transformations from lycanthropy to shamanism; Bestial mythology (the bicaudate mermaid) and the cult of Great Mother; The symbolic animal presence in the world of mass media.

Mythology and Human Being: Symbology of the environments ( from 22 August to 03 September – deadline May 31)

In this third residency we will explore the symbolic cosmos represented by different natural elements. Each environment awakens intuitive, poetic and mythological elements in humans: walking in a forest or along the banks of a stream thus also becomes an inner dialogue, an exploration of the Self.

Some of the topics covered:The mountain as the summit that touches the sky and the symbolic center of the world; Mythological and sacred examples of the river and image of the passage of time; Megalithic rocks between dolmens and menhirs;The forest as a natural temple and labyrinth in which to lose and search ourselves The sea as a symbol of the unconscious, abyss and vastness.


The art residency offers international artists, a cultural program in dialogue with the land that hosts them. During the residency, artists will be able to produce works with free technique, inspired by these themes. Lodging, materials for working, guided tours to the places of myth, dialogue and meeting with Apulian artists, performances much more are included in all three projects.

We can accept a limited group of resident artists. If interested apply before the deadline of each project!

Info to join us: primopianorecidency@gmail.com or primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com

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