To contribute to the dissemination and promotion of Culture and Contemporary Art in all its forms. In particular it is proposed to:

– Enhancing creativity as an element in the daily life of individuals, a substantial part of their nature, fundamental resource on which to draw on different occasions of life and work. Creativity, therefore, to express a positive value that is expressed in the various areas of improvement through research that goes by, the development of creative abilities, and whose aims can be as diverse as improving the quality of life, the skills, the study, the ideational capacity; especially to enhance and give space to artists in general and in particular to young people who wish to approach art in all forms in which it manifests itself;

– Enhance and promote free thinking, creative expression and the production of culture as crucial for the emancipation of man and his work, promoting dialogue between cultures, also in view of facilitating travel and international artistic and cultural exchanges between the actually present in the city, region and nation but also in the European Economic Community, as amended and in non-EU countries with the aim to facilitate the process of social and artistic growth of its members.

– Enhance and support the study of folk traditions and local cultures of the various regions of Italy and other countries around the world, promoting the conservation and enhancement of natural resources and historical and cultural arts through collaboration with schools, associations, universities, public and private;

– Contribute to the development of the region through cultural tourism projects, such as the use of cultural heritage such as archaeological sites, art cities, museums, monuments, etc.. and all forms of mobility that aim to satisfy the human need for diversity, raising the cultural level of the people, through the experience of and knowledge of the dialogue;

– Promote cultural initiatives related to the publishing world, to promote the relationship between art and culture (even through a portal / website) or related fields included in its corporate purpose always to achieve its institutional goals;

– Enhance and promote environmental protection by spreading an ecological culture based on the principle of sustainable development and awareness of the close relationship between the environment, territory and culture with exhibitions, seminars and cultural projects.

-Organize workshops and art exhibitions and workshops in order to improve its scope of action and its associates, encouraging creative dialogue between the generations and the emergence of new talent, especially in view of the increasingly wide deployment of multimedia languages ​​and their contribution to the production and integrated use of all the arts;

– Organize educational activities of the arts with courses in arts-therapies, prizes, competitions, scholarships, conferences, symposia, seminars, musical, visual and theatrical, twinning and exchanges with foreign countries; studies and initiatives for the promotion and protection of artistic and historical heritage in the form of agreements with scientific institutions and public and private foundations, for the preparation and updating in the context of artistic disciplines, as well as in the form of advice the same area;

-To promote the activities of its members with critical reviews, catalogs, essays, publications; to disseminate literary and artistic works, whether in print, and on audio-visual support, internet and any other means;

– Designate and appoint their own representatives in business, government and cultural and artistic commissions, both public and private, as well as in all places where the culture is manifested;

– Enter into agreements with public administrations, local authorities, public and private and business organizations and implement partnerships with voluntary organizations and social insurance for non-profit activities;

-Increase public awareness of the issues in favor of culture, art and the environment through their prints, magazines, bulletins, newsletters, periodicals and other appropriate means of propaganda and carry out awareness-raising activities and public information and collaboration with institutional bodies and other entities related to their social goals.

– Organise entertainment, shows, art exhibitions, film festivals and theatrical, initiatives and services tourist-recreational activities; study days, entertainment, radio and television programs and initiatives related to the sphere of art and culture;

– Organize and manage – even with permanent structures – all activities, including economic, useful for the achievement of their social goals. The Association may also carry out all activities related to its institutional purpose, as well as all ancillary activities, as supplementary to it, even if carried out in the absence of the conditions laid down in this Article, provided that to the extent permitted by law.

-Sharing, Planning, Organising, disseminate ideas and plans for demonstrations of innovative good practices in terms of governance and / or in collaboration with those who manage the Cultural Heritage, Tourism territory, voluntary associations, associations related to its statutes, research associations and training and which form a knowledge based community open to the circularity of knowledge and experiences, to discuss the possibility of a shared growth.