Worldview: Anthropology of Eco-Vision

Worldview: Anthropology of Eco-Vision Curated by Rose and Dores Sacquegna From 2021 February 26 to March 18 Opening day 26 February at 18:00 Palmieri’s Foundation, Lecce Read More  Read More

Art Woman 2020 Geo-Graphies

ART WOMAN 2020 GEO-GRAPHIES: Identity Rituals and fragile Ecosystems Curated by Dores Sacquegna From 7 to 21 March 2020 Opening day Saturday 7 March at 17,30 h Palmieri’s Foundation in Lecce, Italy Read More  Read More

Visionary Art Show

VISIONARY ART SHOW ITALY Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza, Lecce May 12-30, 2017 As  first edition in 2017 the  Show it is an annual and one of a kind international event that has revolutionized the way contemporary art is consumed by making it accessible to galleries, dealers and artists worldwide,  both in terms of content, visibility, educational and days, focusing on the quality of spaces for artists. ... Read More