Worldview: Anthropology of Eco-Vision

Worldview: Anthropology of Eco-Vision Curated by Rose and Dores Sacquegna From 2021 February 26 to March 18 Opening day 26 February at 18:00 Palmieri’s Foundation, Lecce Read More  Read More


CORRESPONDANCES curated by Rose & Dores Sacquegna From 10 to 27 NOVEMBER 2018 Opening day Saturday 10 November at 18h Ex Conservatory of St. Anna, Via Libertini, Lecce Read More  Read More

Timeless Fragments

PRIMO PIANO LIVINGALLERY is pleased to invite you to the opening of the Festival of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts TIMELESS FRAGMENTS CHROMATIC VIBRATION BETWEEN WATER AND EARTH Festival of Visual, Sound and Performing Arts Curated by Dores Sacquegna From 2017 December 7th to 2018 January 8th Opening Day: 7th December from hours 18,00pm to 22,00pm Palazzo Granafei-Nervegna, Via Duomo, 20 Brindisi, Italy Read More  Read More

Visionary Art Show

VISIONARY ART SHOW ITALY Palazzo Castromediano Vernazza, Lecce May 12-30, 2017 As  first edition in 2017 the  Show it is an annual and one of a kind international event that has revolutionized the way contemporary art is consumed by making it accessible to galleries, dealers and artists worldwide,  both in terms of content, visibility, educational and days, focusing on the quality of spaces for artists. ... Read More

E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy

First Exhibition From 15 OCTOBER to 13 NOVEMBER 2016, Cassina de’ Pecchi, Milan E’ CARTA! Mini Contemporary Papers in Italy The human expression through paper artworks, despite receiving limited recognition nowadays, dates back centuries, including drawings or paintings, engravings or     watercolours. We believe this form of art deserves much better attention, because paper it’s a live thing that perfectly captures... Read More

Italian ArtFair Dubai|UAE

ITALIAN ART FAIR DUBAI EMIRATES UAE 5-12 DECEMBER  2015 ITALIAN ART FAIR DUBAI is a Contemporary Art Fair in Dubai, UAE. The project curated by Gina Affinito is under auspices by Italian local institutions, the Embassy in Abu Dhabi, the Consulate in Dubai,  by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. Among those present at the Italian Ambassador, His Excellency Liborio Stellino. The Fair is held at the Gallery of Light within the DUCTAC... Read More

Sphinx Festival Thebes |Greece

SPHINX THEBES FESTIVAL|GREECE CONFERENCE CENTER OF THIVA 32200 THEBES, GREECE Phone  0030 6976427129 A FERTILE CITY OR THE RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX Curated by Dores & Rose Sacquegna From OCTOBER 4th to NOVEMBER 4th 2015 Opening OCTOBER 4th at 7pm Read More  Read More

Drink Hellebrorus, Antikyra, Greece

PRESS RELEASE DRINK HELLEBORUS,  ALLOTROPIA MUSEUM, Antikyra, Grecia «Allotropia», People’s Academy of preservation of cultural heritage and contemporary art Exhibition Permanent Collection and Art Residency in Greece “What you need is Antikyra”, used to say the Ancient Greeks when someone was behaving in a peculiar way and they urged to Drink Helleborus, the herb that physicians of the time recommended for the cure of madness. The 5th of... Read More